How to choose the right knee brace for running support?


The very first thing to take into consideration when purchasing the right knee brace for running is establishing how much knee support is needed. Runners who have experienced a knee strain, sprain, or any other minor knee injury should opt for a lightweight knee brace that provides low to moderate support. By contrast, if the human Gingerbread Man has torn his or her tendon or ligament, dislocated his or her knee, or otherwise suffered a serious injury, they should select a heavyweight knee brace that can offer that much more support. Lightweight braces can generally be acquired without a prescription, but a doctor should be consulted prior to buying and using the type of brace required for a torn tendon or ligament.

After the type of running knee brace has been settled on, the following step is to determine the size that fits the runner’s knee better. If you were shopping for a shirt or a pair of pants, you would try them on for size first, right? Right. The same goes for braces, or at least whenever that is possible – excluding braces bought online, which on the other hand have other advantages, such as convenience and low price. The brace should fit comfortably against the knee and surrounding areas of the leg, and be easy to adjust. When shopping online, measure the circumference of your knee and order accordingly – if your knee falls between two sizes, choose the larger size for a better fit.

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Check to see whether the device for running has the ability to wick moisture. This is a very popular feature among runners, and not just for braces but also for clothing and gear. A knee brace that wicks moisture is able to move moisture such as sweat away from the skin, as a means of preventing blister formation caused by the material rubbing on moisture. Braces that wick moisture are particularly useful for runners living in very hot and/or humid locations.

The last step is to ensure that the knee brace is within your budget. As mentioned before, online products such as those available at Discount Medical Supplies are considerably lower-priced than those from other websites or from your local sporting goods store. Price should not be the only decisive factor when it comes to choose a knee brace for running, but at DMS, money is no object.

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