How to treat whiplash with a TENS 3000?


Among it’s known uses the TENS 3000 can also be of great help to treat neck injuries and whiplash. A neck injury can be very dangerous and also very painful and discomforting, whiplash in particular leaves and enduring pain sensation that could potentially become chronic. This injury happens to plenty of people everyday all over the world. A sudden and sometimes unexpected jolt of movement forward, this injury usually occurs in car accidents where the impact came from behind. However, this type of injury could happen also in many different settings, for example playing sports, riding bumper cars, riding amusement park or carnival attractions to name a few. If you are experiencing severe neck pain due to whiplash, you can mitigate the pain drug-free and effectively. Discount medical supplies has the tools you need to treat whiplash.

When whiplash happens, the neck muscles will become inflamed as a natural response. During the first few 24 hours approximately (maybe even less) pain might not be felt with much intensity, but after a day or two, real acute and sometimes unbearable crippling pain will manifest. This pain, as intense as it might get, will usually go away once the body heals, but it also could become chronic. You can mitigate pain and help treat whiplash by using a TENS 3000, without the necessity of taking hazardous pain medication! Here’s how:

Upon experiencing the first real acute episode, the very first step recommended by experts and physicians is to apply ice to the area in pain. The body, as a normal reaction, will begin an inflammation on the injured area; applying ice to it will make the swelling stop. It is important that the ice is applied on the very first episode of pain, that way the swelling will be controlled and less damaged will be done to your neck. Then, when applying ice has stopped the swelling you can now apply warm moist, we recommend using a moist pad. If one is not available, using a towel with warm water. This will take care of the damage caused by whiplash.


After applying cold/heat on the injured area, when experiencing pain, use the TENS 3000 on the area in pain. Using the unit for a couple of minutes only will help relief the pain and discomfort felt. The advantage of the TENS 3000 is that it is fully portable and that you can keep it running continuously to minimize the pain being felt. You can also, to help the recovery happen quickly also complement it with using moist heat packs.

Following these steps will prevent any chronic conditions such as neck stiffness and reduce mobility.   

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