The Infrared wand healing magic


It can be labeled as a “Magic” wand indeed, but we here at Discount Medical Supplies have a more hands-on review of the Infrared Light WandA unique topical heat-producing device that can provide a deep, infrared (hence the name) radiation that massages and ultimately gives very soothing and relieving comfort.  Used by massagers and the general public alike this appliance is a top seller among its class. Lets get more into details.

Infrared Light Wand Features

The Infrared wand healing capabilities are perhaps what have earned this unit the notoriety online. As described above, it produces soothing heat and emits an electronic percussion massage that can penetrate below the surface of the skin. The employment of heat on areas affected by muscular pain increases the cell’s metabolic rate. The heat increases the flow of liquid and gases into the porous cellular membrane, allowing the cytoplasmic contents to combine with surroundings. Can be used as either as a heat lamp or a handheld massager. Provides temporary relief for aching muscles, joint pain, and stiffness. Relief from pain can be felt within approximately 15 minutes of use. Portable, convenient, and can be used anytime or anywhere. No side effects like those experienced when taking drugs for pain relief.


What Customers Like About The Infrared Light Wand?

Among the things that customers praise about the Infrared Light Wand is the feel it gives, even those who were skeptic about the unit, found themselves won over by the good warm feeling it gave them upon using. The Contacts head feel on the skin is something that is constantly brought up as a very pleasant and “almost euphoric feel”. Also it is worth mentioning, that owners of this appliance express their approval of the lightweight feel and the design this machine has.

What Customers Don’t Like About the Infrared Light Wand?

One opinion that has been voiced against this machine is the length of it’s power cord, make sure that you either get an extension cord or perform the massages in a place near a power outlet. Another issue that is a PRO for some is a CON for others is the machines lightweight, while it is very easy to handle, other have complained that this wand “feels” very fragile and might not survive if you drop it. Now this appears to be a matter more of personal opinion than anything else.

Is It Worth a Purchase?

In a nutshell: Yes. Considering how cost-effective this device is and how even its detractors had conceded, this machine performs well. But if you are going to buy it, make sure you have an extension cord at hand.

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