Intensity 10 TENS unit reviews

intensity 10 reviews

The InTENSity 10 Combo gets some of the best TENS unit reviews all across the Internet. The following rave reviews can be found in several different websites.

  • I was almost immobile with pain when the TENS Unit arrived. I quickly attached the electrodes and placed them on each side of my spine. Almost immediately the pain began to abate--With 24 hours of use, I was standing erect and was pain free.” Geri Goetz from New York.
  • I had extensive shoulder repair surgery. I bought this unit to help with the muscle pain and spasms. With the battery, I can hook it up and go about my day. It eases the tension and helps me concentrate on what I am doing. I would recommend this product to anyone (and have) who is having muscle issues.” Melanie Hutchinson from Nashville.
  • There is something about the display showing the icons for the various places you can use this TENS. It reassures it’s ok to treat other places than just one place on your body. It's also very easy to use.” Diane B. from Omaha.
  • After applying the electrodes to my back, I turned the Intensity 10 unit on and adjusted the settings. I eventually found the right mode along with the intensity to relieve my pain. After only 5 minutes of initial use, the pain went away. With reoccurring use, the pain is becoming less noticeable. I admit, I only have pinched nerve problems from sleeping wrong, but it sure does help.” Christina from Charlotte.

  • I wish I tried a TENS unit sooner. This is the one I bought and am thankful.” Benny from Fort Worth.
  • Affordable and safe. Happy customer.” Claudia L. from Columbus.
  • With chronic pain in my leg, this TENS unit has provided me much relief and am very satisfied with my purchase. I can't believe it took 3 different doctors to recommend a TENS unit.” Missy from San Francisco.
  • Other TENS unit reviews for this device found elsewhere go along the same lines.
  •  “It gives immediate relief to my chronic low back pain and is simple to use and adjust to the intensity you desire. And you can crank it up pretty high--I like it the higher the better-as high as I can stand. I recommend it for anyone that is bothered by low back pain. You will not be disappointed.” Anthony Pinciotti from Toledo.
  • Pros: Helps select proper time and pulse for specific body parts. Easy to read display. Cons: Battery life low. Need to use electric cord which does not stay in unit securely. When I move, it falls out and I have to begin the settings again. Still getting used to buttons vs. dials.” Suzanne from Virginia.
  • The InTENSity 10 is a great little unit. Easy to demonstrate usage to my patients and they find it easy to use at home. They certainly enjoy the relief they get.” Dr. Donaheu from Rhode Island.
  • This unit is very similar to the unit used by my Chiropractor. It does just as good a job for muscle relaxation. I'd recommend it based on quality and reasonable cost.” Gene from Wilmington.
  • Very Good TENS Unit. Lots of different settings and options. The only downfall is that once you start a treatment session you may not change it without turning it off and starting over.” Sheryl Meyer from Missouri.
  • Got this to help with lower back pain as well as healing for a total knee replacement... One of the simplest machines to use.... Pre set or do it manually... Reasonable price... Comfort and treatment at home.. Cut therapy and dr. Visits...” Lacey from PA.