Intensity 5000 Hybrid Review

The Intensity 5000 Hybrid is the most recent from an extensive list of ground-breaking pain management units. This exclusive product features both digital and analog characteristics. This machine joins the simplicity of conventional knobs with the splendor of LED technology to provide the user with the exact therapy needed.  This device includes 5 modes of operation and a timer that will help you set the precise time for each therapy.

This unit comes complete with the following items:

  • A hard plastic carrying case
  • TENS unit
  • Electrodes
  • Lead wires
  • 9V battery
  • Instruction manual
  • AC adapter sold separately
  • Comes with 2 years manufacturer’s warranty

This unit includes the following features:

  • Dual channels, each with two electrical leads, allow the user to handle four separate areas of the body at the same time.
  • The InTENSity™ 5000 Hybrid Digital and Analog Tens Unit includes five modes of operation: strength duration one, strength duration two, modulation, normal, and burst.
  • The timer setting can vary from fifteen, thirty, sixty minutes or a constant option.
  • The amplitude of pulse can be attuned within a range from zero to one hundred milli-amps, from one peak to the next on a load of five hundred ohms. The voltage can be adjusted within a range from zero to fifty volts.
  • The rate of pulse can be adjusted within a range from two to one hundred and fifty Hertz in single-Hertz increments, and the width of the pulse can be accustomed within a range from fifty to three hundred microseconds in increments of ten microseconds.
  • The wave form is set as a biphasic and asymmetrical square pulse.
  • Size 11.7 cm (L) x 6.6 cm (W) x 28.5 cm (H).
  • Weight 94 g (without battery).

Recommendations on who can use this product:

People who need relaxation of muscle spasms and prevention of muscle retardation of disuse atrophy. It also helps to Increase local blood circulation. This unit can re-educate muscles and assist with and immediate post-surgical stimulation. In addition, those patients who require maintaining or increasing range of motion can use this product as a solution. Users should be aware that TENS units send gentle electrical pulses throughout the skin in order to stimulate the affected area and the nerves for pain relief and most important opposed  to drugs or ointments, TENS do not have any identified  undesirable secondary effects. As a conclusion, patients will know they were given a modern device that gives them the best chance at getting the right therapy.