Intensity Twin Stim III: A Comprehensive Review

Intensity twim stim

Combining the functions of a TENS unit and the functions of a EMS device makes the InTENSity Twin Stim III one of the most sought after units in the market now a days. Not to mention this unit has a reputation of being one that is very effective and, most importantly, very user friendly. It has a slick and attractive design, and it contains some very interesting and noteworthy features that has earned it a considerable popularity amongst its users. We gathered all the facts, user reviews and checked this unit for a comprehensive review and provide an answer to the questions: Is it worth a purchase?

What it is

The InTENSity Twin Stim III combines two popular technologies in electrotherapy. It is a unit that provides the function of TENS therapy and Electro Magnetic Stimulation (EMS). Two therapy methods that tackles relieving acute pain, regeneration and rehabilitation; therefore giving a full experience for those people who use it. The two different settings have different modes for each of them. The TENS function has four available modes (Burst, Normal, Mod1 and Mod2), while the EMS function has 3 modes (delay, synchronous and asynchronous). Both TENS and EMS are excellent non-invasive ways to deal with muscular pain, it helps to avoid using hazardous medications and could even help to avoid surgery. It also can produce stimulation on the muscles, increasing blood circulation promoting rehabilitation and preventing muscle atrophy.


What our customers like about this product

When buying a combo unit like the InTENSity Twin Stim III, we have seen that many of our customers at first purchase it for either of the two available fucntions, but after experimenting with the device, they are delighted with the performance of the machine with both therapy methods. They praise the machines power and reliability and effectiveness.  Another detail that is worth mentioning is that the unit is very user friendly. Using it is very simple and getting used to the controls is relatively easy. •   A lot of people might tend to overlook the InTENSity Twin Stim III because it is a combo unit, and continue to seek for just a TENS unit or a EMS separately, fearing that the device might not provide the same quality as other machines in the market. This is a very unfortunate misconception as this unit works great on either one of the available functions, plus it has a great cheap cost that really makes this a valuable purchase.

What our customers didn’t like about this product

Not so much as a complaint but, given that this unit already comes with its own electrodes, those pads are of a more standard manufacture. It is recommended that if you want to maximize the experience, that a small investment is made and more advanced electrodes are purchased.

Is it worth a purchase

Indeed it is. The InTENSity Twin Stim III has a perfect balance of two very important details that always tip the scale: Price and Effectiveness.

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