The K1-Lite Wheelchair: A Best Seller

k1 lite wheelchair

In Discount Medical Supplies we have a wide variety of different wheelchairs and mobility aids, but standing as one of the most popular of the bunch we have the K1-Lite Wheelchair. Being an item that it is on high demand on our online store, in efforts to help our customers make an educated decision we have taken this wheelchair and tested it to present to you our exclusive review.

It could be said that one of the main attractive features of this particular wheelchair is that it is such an economically priced item. Granted, many could interpret the adjective “economic” as in “poor quality”. However, the very first impression that this wheelchair gave us was the complete opposite. It looks strong, durable and reliable, and from what we were able to feel it is all those things. We particularly would like to highlight that this wheelchair has a steel frame that really adds a nice feel to the chair. The K1-Lite Wheelchair has a single axle positioning with Comfortable nylon upholstery resists mildew and bacteria. It also features a padded and upholstered armrests and swing-away footrests.

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The K1-Lite Wheelchair is comfortable and great for patient transportation. It is practical and work great for the general purposes it has all that you might want from a wheelchair. This model is currently and normally used in hospitals, health institutions and homes all over the world to transport adult patients, it is very popular because it is inexpensive but is of a great quality. Customers who have purchased this item have expressed that they are very happy with the chair and how durable it is. It rolls properly and is secure enough for them to use it on their loved ones, they wholeheartedly recommend it. Also, it should be mentioned this wheel chair has the capability for you to add cushions and other items that can provide extra comfort for your patient.

Of course this wheelchair is a basic one, meaning that for more prolonged need for a wheelchair, there are other options more adequate for such needs. It is important to establish that those particular wheelchairs have different setups and a completely different structure even. Also, it should be said that this chair can be used for all ages, but, in case that you were considering getting it for a child with special needs, we also would advise to look for other options. This is not a sign of lack of quality of The K1-Lite Wheelchair, but it is often that many are confused of the special features and construction that certain wheelchairs need.

We recommend The K1-Lite Wheelchair because it has all that you might need for basic transportation.  When you use it you will see why this is such a popular item, and why our customers love it so much.

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