K'Tape 2" x 103.3' Bulk Roll Reviews and Uses

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K’Tape 2" x 103.3' Bulk Roll -also known as kinesiology tape- has infinity of uses, some of which are highlighted in reviews of the product. Here we intend to provide a comprehensive overview of the parts of the body where K’Tape can be used, as well as the conditions it can help to manage. (Though kinesiology tape was made popular by pro beach-volleyball player Kerri Walsh Jennings and is commonly used by athletes such as those participating in the Brazil World Cup, the fact is that ‘regular people’ can benefit from it too)

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Body part


Effect of K’Tape

IT band hip (iliotibial band)

Iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS)

Reduces swelling at the hip from ITBS, bursitis, muscle strains, arthritis and tendonitis


Tears, pulls, cramps

Speeds up recovery, relaxes muscles, relieves pain.


Anterior and posterior shin splints

Relieves pressure and strain on tissue, relaxes muscles, increases circulation.


Strains, ruptures, contusions, hernias, overuse injuries

Relaxes injured muscles, promotes circulation, relieves pain.

Hip flexor

Lack of flexibility, core weakness, acute trauma

Enables recovery, relaxes and support muscles, enhances circulation, sends positive signals to affected muscles.



Relaxes muscles, increases circulation, relieves pain.


Strains, tears, pulls

Relaxes and supports muscles, relieves pain.


Knots in muscles, inflammation of muscle attachments, inflammation of bursas, lower back problems, hamstring tightness, referred pain from the spine

Relieves pressure, provides support, increases circulation.

Outer knee

Iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS)

Relieves pressure over bony prominence, promotes circulation, provides functional support to the musculature.

Inner knee

Pes bursirtis

Relieves pressure off swollen bursae, promotes circulation.


Tears, pinched nerves, damaged ligaments or tendons, inflamed lymph nodes

Relaxes damaged muscles, enhances circulation, decreases swelling, relieves pressure.

Tibial tuberosity

Osgood Schlatter syndrome

Relieves symptoms and speeds up the healing process.

Back of knee

Hamstring tendonitis, baker’s cyst, popliteal tendonitis

Increases circulation, relieves pressure, decreases swelling.


Pain and weakness, tendonitis

Relaxes damaged muscle, promotes circulation, decreases swelling, speeds recovery.

Achilles tendon


Relieves pain, reduces inflammation.


Sprains, stretched ligaments, inflamed tendons, sprains, tears

Provides support, allows range of motion.

Plantar fascia

Plantar fasciitis

Relieves pain, promotes recovery, provide support, relaxes foot, decreases inflammation.

Peroneal muscles

Peroneal tendonitis

Promotes recovery, enhances circulation, provides stability, relieves pressure.

Ball of foot


Speeds healing process, relieves pain.

Top of foot

Tendonitis, fractures, arthritis

Relieves pressure, promotes circulation, relaxes muscles.


Tendonitis, inflamed bursae, arthritis, nerve damage, stress fractures, contusions, plantar fasciitis

Provides gentle and comfortable support without restricting mobility.

Joint at the head of big toe


Alleviates pain, relieves pressure, increases circulation


Turf toe

Provides stability and support, maintains healthy range of motion.

SI joint

Low back pain

Relieves pressure off musculature, creates additional space, promotes circulation, provides immediate relief.

Low back


Relieves pain and pressure, offers proprioceptive support, enhances circulation.

Middle back

Muscle imbalance and fatigue, tears

Corrects posture, relaxes muscles, promotes circulation, enables natural healing process.


Bruises, fractures, separation, pulled or torn muscles

Alleviates pain, relieves pressure, promotes recovery, relaxes muscles.


Disc pain

Relieves localized and radiating pain.


Abdominal pain

Relaxes sore muscles, takes pressure off swollen areas, promotes circulation, enables healing process.

Neck and shoulders

Muscle strain, ligament sprains, arthritis, spinal subluxations, pinched nerves, knots or adhesions

Relaxes muscles, provides support, enhances circulation, decreases pressure.

General shoulder

Injury, inflammation

Helps keep good posture, relaxes muscles, decreases pain.

Rotator cuff

Muscle tears, overuse, hyperextension, hyperflexion

Provides stability, relieves pressure, promotes circulation, relaxes muscles.

AC joint


Decreases pain, provides support, speeds recovery.



Relieves pressure, reduces swelling, enables normal movement.


Tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow

Promotes circulation, relieves pressure, creates fascial manipulation, relaxes muscles, speeds healing process.

Finger joints

Jammed fingers

Stabilizes joint, speeds recovery.


De Quervain Syndrome

Provides support, promotes circulation, minimizes pain, decreases swelling, speeds healing.

Hopefully this review of the uses of the K'Tape 2" x 103.3' Bulk Roll does address some of the readers’ concerns so that they may find relief with this versatile and functional product.

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