Lace Up Ankle Support Review

This Lace Up Ankle Support in black is an inexpensive device that provides a sturdy amount of support for a soft sided construction, thanks to the embedded spiral stays.

Product Features

This ankle support includes the following features:

•    The design of this ankle support consists of an ambidextrous design of lace up eyelets that secure the three layers of fabric and stays into a snug fit around the foot and ankle. The wearer laces up the cloth laces, and the ankle support is ready to go.
•    There are reinforced stays in the sides of the ankle support, including stays in lateral spirals, and medial stays. The side panels and the tongue are reinforced and lined.
•    The ankle brace is available in a variety of sizes, because its design depends on a snug fit to the individual wearer. The wearer can choose from extra small, small, medium, large, or extra large.
•    The eyelets are offset in the vinyl wings in a pattern that provides the most possible support, which is why the lacing system itself has been patented by Core and can not be found anywhere else.
•    When the wearer dons the correct size of ankle support and laces the ties into position, the side supports offer strong support while the support itself maintains a slim outline that can fit easily inside any shoe.
•    This ankle support provides a more robust form of support than elastic wraps.

What Buyers Like About the Product

Users particularly enjoy these features when they operate the unit:

•    This ankle support product is surprisingly comfortable, especially considering the reinforced stays. The triple layers of fabric protect the foot and ankle from any discomfort caused by the stays, while the stays themselves protect the foot and ankle from any motions that could cause more injury. It is one or the more comfortable options on the market, especially considering the high level of support it provides. With supportive laces and a unique design of vinyl wrap components, the brace supports the ankle remarkably well without restricting the wearer with hard and bulky plastic or metal components.
•    The sleek and slim design of this ankle support makes it easy for the wearer to slip it inside a shoe of any type. This makes it ideal to wear during an athletic or sporting event, because the athletic shoes will fit as always and not be impeded in the support they are designed to provide. The wearer has all of the benefits of additional support without any of the drawbacks of a brace or thicker wrap.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the Product

The sides of this ankle support are less flexible than some of the softer elasticized or neoprene wraps, which may feel slightly less comfortable, but in trade off this unit provides more support than the softer variations.


The Lace Up Ankle Support in black is both effective and inexpensive solution for providing support to an injured or recovering ankle.