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Biofreeze is a topical cold therapy analgesic gel that is recommended to ease pain and discomfort. The Biofreeze line of products helps provide a more direct and focused relief to areas of the body were pain is present. Ranging from muscular pain to discomfort on the joints, Biofreeze can deliver a soothing sensation on these areas without the necessity of prescription pain relievers. This is a great advantage as it helps the patient to stay clear of hazardous drugs. And with the popularity it has gathered recently, people constantly are looking to get the cheapest price for Biofreeze.

To learn how does Biofreeze works we need to understand first how pain works. Pain is perceived and regulated by different nerve cells and neurons. When you feel pain, information from those nerve cells gets immediately forwarded to the spinal cord. The information then gets carried to the brain triggering the reaction of pain. When Biofreeze is applied to the skin the sensorial nerves send information to the spinal cord that causes for the pain information to be blocked from reaching the brain. This has become worldwide known as the Gate Control Theory of Pain. A single application of Biofreeze on the area in question can last up to between three to four hours of pain relief. It is recommended that you apply Biofreeze at 4 times a day, this way the effect will be continuous for a large portion of the day.

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