Lowe’s to Vietnam vet: Keep on rollin' baby


Veteran Michael Sulsona stepped on a land mine during a tour of duty in Vietnam; three-and-forty years later he was sitting on a time bomb. The 62-year-old double amputee had requested the Veteran Administration a new wheelchair two years ago but apparently the VA doesn’t believe that the squeaky wheelchair gets the oil. It wasn’t a matter of whether or not the wheelchair would finally break, but of when. Fortunately for Sulsona, the apparatus broke down in the right place at the right moment.  

Sulsona was visiting a Staten Island Lowe’s store when a bolt snapped, leaving a back wheel in an even more precarious condition than usual. Luckily, three store employees worked on the wheelchair past the establishment’s closing time at 10 pm, assuring Sulsona that he would not leave until the wheelchair was good as new. Not only did the staff donate their time, but they didn’t charge the veteran a dime for the job. The following day, Sulsona wrote a letter to the Staten Island Advance newspaper, in which he couldn’t say enough good things about the selfless employees.


Store manager Chris DiMaria also expressed pride that his team and company are ready to spring into action at the opportunity to help someone in need. Which is a lot more than can be said of the VA, which finally got around to sending Sulsona a brand new chair, but only after his letter praising the Lowe’s employees was published. VA New York/New Jersey Healthcare Network spokesman Jim Blue said they “were very grateful that this was brought to our attention” and added that “too many veterans wait too long to receive their health care and benefits and this has never been acceptable.” Go figure. 

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