Lumbar Seat Back Cushion Massager Review

The Lumbar Seat Back Cushion Massager provides comfort and support as well as active massage for any person who needs relief during long periods of sitting.

Product Features

This orthopedic support device includes the following features:

  • This cushion is fashioned from black fabric covering a high quality firm foam interior. The cushion is shaped with the precise curvature to provide lumbar or lower back support to a person in the seated position.
  • The cushion has an attached strap that allows the user to fasten it to a seat, making it a simple matter to position the support device with the most comfortable placement.
  • The cushion can be turned on to provide an electronic massage to the lower back when muscles become tired or strained from extended periods of sitting. The massage component runs on power from a pair of double A batteries, which are included with the purchase.

What Buyers Like About the Product

Buyers enjoy these features of the orthopedic support:

  • Users of this support device enjoy the convenience of the seat strap, especially when being used in a car’s seat, because it allows them to position the cushion precisely where it is most useful, and not worry about having to replace it or reposition it when they move or get out of the seat.
  • People who find themselves having to sit for extended periods of time find that the combination of structural support and muscle massage can make a measurable difference in comfort. The cushion is enjoyed by office workers who have to work at desks and computers for long periods, by travelers who have to spend long hours on the road or in the air, and people who are recovering from back surgery or injuries. It is enjoyed just as much by people who simply wish to add comfort to their favorite home chair for reading or watching television.
  • The black fabric cover on this cushion does not show stains, and is washable with a damp cloth.
  • The cushion is so remarkably inexpensive that some aficionados choose to purchase more than one, in order to enjoy its comforts in multiple locations. A person might leave one strapped in the car seat, another at the office, and even a third at home.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the Product

Travelers love the relief they receive from using this product on long flights, or even lengthy drives, but those who are conservative about their luggage may have concerns about the bulkiness of this item when they contemplate packing.

However, those who have enjoyed the comforts of traveling with the cushion will invariably decide it is worth the space it might take up. Some travelers simply carry it on to planes tucked under an arm rather than taking up space in a carryon bag or checked luggage.


The Lumbar Seat Back Cushion Massager is an extremely inexpensive support device that can be used in airplane seats, office seats, car seats, or favorite armchair at home.