Molicare Super Plus diapers for adults

molicare diapers
As diapers for adults go, Molicare Super Plus is considered one of the top high-absorbency products currently available for the management of daily incontinence, being able to take in up to 46 oz of fluid over the space of 18 inches, which allows for prolonged use. It features a super-absorbent, three-part core that is perfect for overnight use or heavy bladder and bowel leakage, as well as for controlling odor. It also comes with a DryPlus polymer fiber filling and standing anti-leak guards for superior containment. This brief-style disposable diaper is not only protective but also comfortable with a secure fit.


·         High absorbency.

·         Comfortable padded panels.

·         Almost no leakage.

·         Porous side panels for enhanced airflow.

·         Wetness indicator.

·         Comfort stretch poly backing.

·         Dual tape refastenable adhesive tapes.

·         Stand-up leak guards.

·         Fits waists 27”-47”.

·         Latex-free.


Users of diapers for adults agree that Molicare Super Plus briefs are comfortable and provide additional coverage and security overnight, even after several wettings. They also fit tightly, and are strong, resilient, and durable. The padded panels and the stretch poly backing make sure that these adult diapers do not impair movement. Moreover, the breathable side panels offer optimal skin care. They are more closely related to actual diapers than to pull-on briefs, and as such are more effective.


These diapers can be a bit bulky, irritate the skin due to the plastic covering, and larger sizes may actually run small. Furthermore, they are not as discreet as other incontinence products, but what they lack in aesthetic values they make up for in practicality. Certain users also complain that the price might be a little steep, but even they agree that this product’s features are well worth the price.


Users who have problems with the sizing at the larger end of the spectrum are advised to take four or five inches off the size specs for the larger sizes. Additionally, price issues can be resolved by shopping at Discount Medical Supplies, where you can save up to 42% on this item. As noted above, these diapers tend to be bulky, but they are mostly recommended for nighttime use; in that sense, few people will be the wiser that you actually wear them, and you will have the benefit of a sound sleep uninterrupted by incontinent episodes. 

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