More than just a Folding Commode Chair


All caregivers can tell you of the importance of having a reliable commode, like the Three-in-One Folding Commode. For those awkward times for the care receiver to handle their needs a good commode at hand is a real lifesaver. However, versatilitygoes a long way for these types of life aids such as this one. Because simplifying daily tasks can really make a world of difference.

Commode Chair Features

The Three-In-One Folding Commode is a proof of that as it may be used as a bedside commode, raised toilet seat and as a toilet safety frame. It is intended to provide assistance to those who have difficulty sitting down or standing up from the toilet or need additional support and stability during toileting. We at Discount Medical Supplies gathered some feedback from people who purchased this item from us and give you a report of what they said.


What our customers like about the Commode Chair?

People who have purchased this item in a large majority are caregivers, and the very first thing they are quick to point out about the Three-in-One Folding Commode is how easy to move around it is. The three separate functions that it offers, makes it for a great living aid, as it really make things easier for caregivers. Another thing that is pointed out is how sturdy and reliable it is, but it is a very light item, so moving it around is extremely easy. The assembly and adjusting of this item is simple, and the average user shouldn’t have that much of a problem, as the instructions are very clear and easy to comprehend. 

What our customers didn’t like about the Commode Chair?

As previously stated the assembly and adjusting of the Three-in-One Folding Commode is simple, but there has been comments that some people have had more work than others adjusting the unit. But it must be pointed out that in pretty much all those cases instructions were not being followed properly. That is why it is important to read them before even beginning. Another thing, the lightweight design “feels” insecure for some of our customers that are a caring for people that are heavier. The manufacturers recommend that the weight capacity of this commode is 250lb to 300lb. So we advise for careful use.

Is it worth a purchase?

Even though for some people the lightweight feel of this commode might be considered as a liability, it shouldn´t be. This is a great product and caregivers will appreciate the ease to handle and manipulate it.

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