Muscle Stimulator Review: The Mini Wireless Power EMS/TENS


Tooted by many as “small but mighty”, this is perhaps the smallest device in electrotherapy, The Mini-Wireless EMS/TENS Power Muscle Stimulator is a combo unit that can revolutionize the way you look into these devices. It is fully portable and its idea to take with you on the road. In fact, don’t be to surprised if several national squads have one or two of these devices in their luggage when departing to Brazil for the FIFA World Cup.

Mini Wireless Power EMS/TENS Features

The main popularity of the item lies on how small and easy to carry it is. This unit might appear diminutive by comparison with other combo units, but what it lacks in size it makes it up on power and efficiency. Also it offers the added feature that it does not require the use of any wires of a typical electro therapy device. This device comes with its own butterfly snap electrode. This mean that the device can adhere directly into the skin. But for additional treatment it also has one open channel for the device to be operated with an additional lead wire, like more traditional TENS units. It comes also with an clear and easy to read LCD display and the choice of 10 preset stimulator modes, and TENS units.


What Customer Like About the Mini Wireless Power EMS/TENS?

Those who purchase the The Mini-Wireless EMS/TENS Power Muscle Stimulator did so because of how convenient and easy to operate. The fact that it is wireless makes it a great innovative factor that and, it is very cost effective. Ideal for road games and athletes who travel. Also the butterfly electrode is of very good quality, above average than most stock electrodes that come with other Combo and TENS units.

What Customers Don’t Like About the Mini Wireless Power EMS/TENS?

Mind you, please do keep in mind that this unit is made in small dimensions on purpose. And that for it size and capabilities it offers plenty modes as the smallest combo units in the market. With that said, the complaints for this unit that we have received, are on its limited size, features and modes. One issue was voiced that could be a factor, is that this unit works only with a battery, and that if its not used properly and with moderation, the battery life will run out rather quickly.


If you are an athlete, coach or physio for a sports team, this is a great, non expensive and great quality purchase. If you are looking for something more powerful and with larger features, well a regular combo unit or TENS  unit is more to your liking.

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