Neck Traction with a Universal Head Halter

Neck pain is often seen as a result of a bad posture, an injury or simply stress. A common and inexpensive treatment to alleviate this condition is by following a therapy that involves neck traction with a Universal Head Halter. This procedure can also provide relief for nerve compression and muscle spasms along with producing a proper alignment of the cervical vertebrae.

If recommended by your practitioner or chiropractor, the cervical traction method is proven to be effective in healing any uncomfortable sensation on the neck area. The neck is gently extended, opening the spaces between the neck vertebrae relieving the pressure on the affected discs. This procedure can be done laying down or in a sitting-vertical position.

On either position of cervical traction, you will need to wear a universal head halter. It is adjusted on the base of the skull in the rear and under the chin. After it is properly placed it is important to make sure the halter has more pull on the base of the skull than the strap attached under the chin to have more effective results in the separation of the cervical vertebrae. The relief comes from a slight flexion and extension of the neck (traction), tilting the shin a little toward the chest.


The correct choice of a universal head halter and the proper positioning is very important to get the greatest benefit and relief from the traction therapy. This is a decision best made with your health care specialist, who will also explain the correct setting of the universal head halter, the amount of pressure weight to apply and the period of time.

This non-expensive neck traction device can be used at home to follow up on the recommended treatment. It has a pulley system that can be attached to a doorway and as instructed by your physical therapist you can certainly use it at the comfort of your home. The Universal Head Halter sold at Discount Medical Supplies has the lowest price in the market as all of the products sold on this super store.

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