NelMed Ankle Support: Wrap Brace Relief

The NelMed Ankle Support wrap is among the most versatile and useful tools for providing joint support.

Product Features

This orthopedic support device includes the following features:

  • The wrap itself is constructed of a heavy duty fabric that provides a sturdy support for any injured or recovering ankle. Ribbing in the fabric provides additional support, while the elasticized flexibility allows for judicious movement of the wrapped joint.
  • The wrap has been recommended for use following any type of soft tissue injury such as a strain or sprain, with accompanying swelling or bruising. It can be used for support during recovery from a surgery, or simply after rolling or twisting a joint.
  • The wrap has a built in loop and hook closure, enabling the wearer to wrap it in a figure eight configuration or a circular wrap, and fasten it for an exact fit.

What Buyers Like About the Product

Buyers enjoy these features of the orthopedic support:

  • Athletes and people who have used old style elasticized bandages were once accustomed to having to keep track of clumsy and poorly made clips of metal, with teeth that were supposed to dig into the bandages and hold them in place. In practice, these clips seldom held well, were often lost (forcing the user to resort to safety pins or other measures) and could inadvertently injure the wearer or snag on clothing. After such experience, the ease and convenience of a built in hook and eye system is very welcome.
  • The flexible bandage wrap can easily be rolled into a compact form for storage in a first aid kit, gym bag, glove box of an automobile, handbag, desk drawer, or other location where a person might end up in need of immediate support for a joint.
  • The bandage can be wrapped in a slim configuration around an ankle so as to fit easily within a shoe (either dress shoe or athletic shoe) and can be discreetly worn on any joint. For many people, even its coloration makes it easy to keep discreet, blending with their skin tones so as not to be visually obvious.
  • The fabric wrap can be hand washed and dried overnight, enabling a wearer to keep it fresh and clean and without odor, even when it is being worn all day on a notoriously sweaty and odorous area of the body, like the ankle and foot.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the Product

The ribbed, stiff fabric of which this wrap is constructed may seem somewhat restrictive when a person first puts it on, but wearers quickly recognize that an elasticized wrap is one of the most flexible and comfortable forms of ankle support available.


The NelMed Ankle Support wrap provides a multitude of joint support options for a single low price. The heavy duty wrap can be used on ankles, wrists, knees, or elbows, and can easily be kept in a gym bag or first aid kit for use in case of injury or strain.