NuVita è Bella: Skin Cleansing and Toning System


The NuVita Skin Cleansing & Toning System is a strong but smooth device that, as its name implies, cleanses and tones the skin. This product uses the epidermis’s own natural elasticity to eliminate the impurities that escape conventional cleansing techniques. The result is a brighter, softer skin after each application. The state-of-the-art technology unclogs the pores and betters the tone and texture of the skin, leaving it extremely receptive to skin care products. Perfect for all types of skin, this product can be used daily to cleanse and exfoliate face, arms, hands, shoulders, chest, back, and legs.


·         NuVita professional cleansing device.

·         Storage cradle.

·         Sensitive and normal brush applicator.

·         Hydration applicator.

·         Massage applicator.

·         2 AA batteries.

·         User manual.

·         Travel-friendly.

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This item cleans better than basic cleansing alone, leaving the skin ready to make the most of skin care products, and allowing make-up to go on even smoother. It is notoriously soft and apt for all types of skin, including sensitive skin. The skin is brighter and smoother after each use, endowing the user with a healthy glow. This skin cleansing and toning system reaches the pore level and improves the tone and texture of the face, arms, hands, shoulders, chest, back, and legs on a daily basis. The massage applicator helps relieve facial and body stress, while the sponge applicator allows for an even distribution of moisturizer, resulting in superbly soft skin. It comes with four different attachments; sensitive and normal brush, sponge hydration applicator, and massaging applicator. Additionally, the storage cradle can be used as a drying stand storage when the device is not in use.


People who are receiving medical care for any skin condition should talk to their doctors before using this product. The NuVita™ Skin Cleansing & Toning System should not be used if you have skin allergies, sunburns, open wounds, have undergone a recent chemical peel or facial cosmetic surgery, are having microdermabrasion, taking medications that cause skin sensitivity, or have severe acne, skin conditions, or infections.


Use this device only for the purposes stated in the instruction manual. That includes not using it with unauthorized third-party accessories from other manufacturers. Also keep in mind that using the product to remove make-up may cause the brushes to discolor. This does not diminish the effectiveness of the brushes, and brushing the head with warm, soapy water should correct the problem.