One Step Beyond: A Review of the TENS 7000 To Go

Tens to go

Highly regarded on its own right as one of the best options in the market today, it is one of our most top selling items; it’s time for Discount Medical Supplies to give you a comprehensive review on the TENS 7000 To Go!

TENS 7000 To Go is a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) unit manufactured by Roscoe Medical, it is an additional version of the ever so popular TENS 7000. It takes all the great benefits of the TENS 7000 and it takes them a step further, making itself even more accessible and appealing than its predecessor. It is considered to be one of the top tier units available in the market when it comes to Electrotherapy, because of its power, pricing and how easy it is to operate.

TENS 7000 To Go Product Features

The most prominent feature of the TENS 7000 To Go is its 80mA capacity, making it strong and powerful, maintaining a tradition of strong TENS units by Roscoe Medical. It has two available isolated channels and it features 5 different modes: Burst, Normal, Modulation, Strength Duration 1 and Strength Duration 2. It has fully adjustable Pulse Amplitude, Rate and Width to better accommodate what the user might require for the TENS Therapy. It is fully portable and can go give you wherever you want; it works with a 9 volt battery and with a hard plastic carrying case. However, the most important feature that the TENS 7000 To Go has that makes it stand out over the rest is the improved processor it comes with, that allows for more control and precision. Also it includes a special electrode belt so you can apply the treatment to a larger area, like a entire lower back.

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What we like about the TENS 7000 To Go.

The best feature that stands out about this unit is how powerful it is and how it really a real sense of control to its users. Power, in electrotherapy is important because it makes the unit more efficient and with a turn of a nob, you can really feel the unit working on the affected area. Another thing that we found to be one of the high points of this unit is how easy it is to operate. Granted, I am experienced with TENS units, but just by looking into the controls you get the sense that the unit is very easy to handle, even to the most inexperienced.

What we don’t like about the TENS 7000 To Go.

There is really very few things not to like about the TENS 7000 To Go, in all due fairness, some of these details might even fall under the nit-picking category. Perhaps the main concern that we have with this, ironically enough, is that the unit doesn’t come with standard electrodes. The good thing is that you can remove the belt and use the wires to connect electrodes for more complete and focused treatment.

Do we recommend it?

Yes, the great appeal of the TENS 7000 to go is that it innovates an already stellar device and adds a spin to it. Ideal for those with chronic back pain.

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