Ostomy Bag Change: Tips for Beginners

An ostomy bag change can seem overwhelming to many patients. They may have a million questions about the process and everything that it entails. While there are certain important guidelines to follow, even beginners can be successful when armed with the right knowledge. 
It is important to know which products to utilize during an ostomy bag change, such as adhesives and wound care tape. Eventually, changing an ostomy bag can become evident for most patients.
Tips for the Novice
According to United Ostomy Associations Of America, there are certain important tips to keep in mind in regards to ostomy bag change and these include:
Wash your hands before and after the changing to avoid any type of contamination.
Have all of your equipment ready to go before starting.
You should stand over a towel or if one is not handy, lay down a sufficient number of paper towels in case any waste leaks from the stoma. 
Keep in mind not to eat too late the night before. This will cause less output and therefore make the changing easier and quicker.
Monitor the area around the stoma and make sure that you don’t notice any marked differences.
A little bleeding is normal, so this isn’t always a concern.
Always follow the directions given by your health care professional. 
Securing your Pouch
A great way to secure your pouch after an ostomy bag change is through the utilization of wound care tape, which will hold it securely in place.
 Here are a few tapes to check out. 
3M Healthcare 3M Transpore Tape is water-resistant, hypo-allergenic and latex-free. It features bi-directional tear which makes it easy to tear.
3M Healthcare 3M Blenderm Tape is extremely durable. It provides a water-proof barrier to protect the area from outside contaminants.
Johnson and Johnson Elastikon Tape is high-twist and highly flexible. It provides dynamic pressure to effectively hold an ostomy pouch into place.
No matter your experience or comfort level, you will be able to complete a successful ostomy bag change once you have all of the information and tips available. Do not be afraid to try new and different ideas that may work better for you. Ask your health care professional for guidance on your particular situation.