The Otter Pediatric Bathing System Large

otter pediatric

During pediatric rehabilitation, several daily activities need to be adjusted and rearranged to tend to the child’s very special needs. Bathing is one of those activities, as children are in nature wonderful restless beings, so to help them take a bath comfortably some assistance is needed. To make things easier we have the Otter Pediatric Bathing System. We took this item and saw how it performed, as well as gather feedback from customers who had purchased this bathing chair to see if this is a system worth your while. Please note that for our review we took the large version of this product, smaller sizes and accessories are available in our online store.

Product Features

The Otter Pediatric has a plastic frame and it is slip resistant, so right off the bat we can go ahead and say it is pretty safe. It comes with durable and resistant fabric that can be removed and machine-washed. It is foldable and can be easily stored and transported if need be. It is fully adjustable for height and back angles. The chair comes with leg straps and two positioning straps for added safety. The chair’s system is designed to allow parents and caregivers to manipulate it with one hand only.

What customers like about this product

Upon checking the feedback left by our customers we found that we agree with them and say that the best features about this item is how safe it is and how it ensures safety for the child. The straps are secure but gentle, and they really help to keep the child in position safely while they are receiving their baths. Also the chair’s slip resistant legs are very effective. Also worth mentioning is that the fabric that the chair comes with is safe and feel comfortable and gentle to the skin of the child.

What customers don’t like about this product

Perhaps the detail this product has that raised some concerns among customers who purchased the item and those who are still deciding is the plastic frame this chair has. Some would rather use a metal frame, than plastic. However we fond the frame to be resistant and felt safe, at no point did we feel that it could be bent or even broken. Of course this chair is meant to be used only by children, or little people if need be, it has a weight capacity of 160lbs.


This is a sure buy, it is safe and reliable. It will make bathing your child with special needs much easier.

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