PediaCtric Nebulizers without the "C"

pediatric nebulizers

For all your asthma related needs, our catalogue of Pediactric Nebulizers (minus the extra ‘c’, in case you were wondering) has some very interesting, colorful and fun options available for you and your child. A Nebulizer is a drug delivery device that is used to administer medication in the form of a mist into the lungs, using a nebulizer requires for the use of a mask or an inhaler. Using them, for some people, can be an uncomfortable experience. Especially since at the time of employment, the patient receiving it might be under the anxiety of an asthma attack. Now, imagine that anxiety on a child, that is why we offer an assortment of nebulizers aimed for children, here are some examples of those nebulizers.

First off we have the Pediatric Compressor Nebulizer. This Compressor nebulizer is designed ideally for children who suffer from Asthma. It has two different (writer’s note: cute) designs featuring either a friendly looking hipo and a cute little dog. This device performs just as well as other nebulizers with more adult (read, boring) designs. These nebulizers are durable and made specifically for children, so grown-ups keep off.  They are quiet and easy to operate.


 One of my personal favorites of Pediactric nebulizers (typo and all) is the Panda design of Drive Medical’s Pediatric Animal Nebulizer Compressor. Similar to the before mentioned nebulizer, it has two different child-friendly designs to choose from: a Penguin or (my personal favorite) a Panda. It is lightweight and subtle;  it also has an easy child-friendly design so children do not fear or suffer from anxiety when it treatment.

Another option available is the Puff Penguin Pediatric Compressor Nebulizer, it comes with a complete, it comes with a disposable nebulizer with mouthpiece that is simple for your child to use. It is high powered, but yet it is quiet and steady. Not to mention it has a very pretty design as well.

Children with asthma do not need to experience their condition making them feel different thanks to traumatic episodes due to asthma attacks, these pediactric nebulizers (there’s that meddling ‘c’ again) are ideal to help them get stabilized and receive their medication without the anxiety they might feel during the procedure. How we approach situations with our children really helps determinate how they will cope with their condition as they age. They need to feel special, not any less of a normal kid, and Asthma shouldn’t rob them of their smile.