Piston Powered Checker Nebulizer: Infant Medical Equipment Review

piston powered nebulizer

In our Infant Medical Equipment catalogue we have a nice  coupe-looking pink sport car that is actually the Piston Powered Checker Nebulizer by Drive Medical. It is perfect and ideal for children. The unit comes in an attractive car design that is very child-friendly. Customer’s who have purchased this item from Discount Medical Supplies, have sent us some interesting feedback as we have also took it for a test drive (pun intended, and sorry for the pun by the way). Here’s our review.

Product Features

The unit comes with a nice looking, child-friendly design of a sports car. It has an easy to replace and is located under the front hood of he car, while the electrical cord is located under the rear hood of the car. The Checker Nebulizer is very quiet during operation but has a powerful, dependable piston powered pump. The nebulizer comes complete with ampule, mouth piece, pediatric aerosol mask, tubing, two replacement filters and instructions.

What Customers like About this Product

Among the plenty positive reviews, is how subtle this nebulizer is during use. Like most Infant Medical Equipment, the child friendly design is always a plus amongst children. One review in particular stated that the “engine” almost didn’t sound at all, and that plus the design it comes with makes the treatment easier for both parents and the children. The Piston powered pump is powerful and dependable with a  great performance with a particle size of less than 5 Microns.

What Customers don’t like about this Product

Although this item is well regarded for performance and its design, the feedback that some customers have voiced against this item is, believe it or not, its design. Mainly because small and easy to operate, it has no handle thus providing some confusion on to how to “handle” the unit. On our test drive, we found it to be lightweight and we had no problems moving it from one place to the other. The unit did not fall or anything, but it left us wondering that a child could very well pick it up and start playing with it. To be fair, we were kind of thinking about playing with it ourselves too.  


We do think this is a great nebulizer with an excellent performance, it is subtle and it is durable and reliable. The design is very attractive, and perhaps a bit too attractive for its own good, but overall it will reduce child anxiety during treatment. Go ahead and check for this item as well as other Infant Medical Equipment in our Pediatric category.

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