A Portable Pain Relief Ultrasound Device

The Us Pro 2000 portable ultrasound device is excellent for treating a variety of soft tissue conditions, such as carpal tunnel, tendonitis, periostitis, muscle spasms, among other joint disorders. It is a small device easy to handle and great to use at home, clinics, athletic fields, anywhere and save on repetitive doctor visits.

The unit comes with:

•    The ultrasound device
•    Carrying case
•    Instructions manual
•    AC adapter
•    Ultrasound gel which can be replenished here at www.discountmedicalsupplies.com

It creates therapeutically pulsed sound waves that give a deeper heat than the regular hot pack. Most patients have said they feel nothing during the treatment; others have said they feel a small sensation of warmth.

The US Pro 2000 is a 1MHz ultrasound that can be adjustable in three pulse ultrasound modes through its 5cm sound head in an effective radiation area of 4cm. Its maximum value of power output is 9.60W (Duty cycle: 100%). The low mode is 30% duty cycle, the medium 40% duty cycle and the high mode is 50% duty cycle.

The US Pro 2000 has three treatment settings of 5, 10 or 15 minutes according to the specialist’s recommendations. The probe reacts to a bulky amount of ultrasound gel as it is applied; the gel conducts the wave energy to the skin, making it a great pain relief solution for any inflammation or muscle injury.

The deep heat the US Pro 2000 produces is created from the pulsed sound waves of the ultrasound; the device itself does not produce any heat. The US pro 2000 can be used on a very high frequency circular massage that can penetrate up to five inches below the surface of your skin through its aluminum head. These sound waves cause an unperceivable vibration on the affected tissue helping it relax any condition that causes pain. This vasodilation technique causes the circulation to improve, loosen up the smooth muscle cells and activate the healing process.

It is not recommended for pregnant patients, on infected or bleeding areas, on patients with poor arterial circulation or cardiac pacemakers. And it is always recommended to consult with your practitioner if the US Pro 2000 is best for you.

You can find this device on Discount Medical Supplies at a discounted price. There you can also find the ultrasound gel needed to activate the probe, and since it requires a large amount of gel each time you apply this massage, it is best to consider getting extra gel bottles if you plan on using the US Pro 2000 for several sessions.