Power Wrap Ankle Black Review

The Power Wrap Ankle Black by Core provides custom fitted orthopedic support for an injured or weak ankle, combining comfortable fit and ease of use for a great wearing experience.

Product Features

This orthopedic support device includes the following features:

•    The brace is available in two sizes, the regular (otherwise labeled as “universal”) and the extra large size for those with large bone structure or those carrying a little extra weight.
•    If the black model does not suit a particular wearer, the person can also look for an identical model available in white.
•    The versatility of this orthopedic support includes the ability to wear it at selected times when extra support is needed—such as an athletic event or game—or as a matter of course throughout regular daily life.
•    This Power Wrap brace is recommended for people who are recovering from injuries or need support.

What Buyers Like About the Product

Buyers enjoy these features of the orthopedic support:

•    The patented Positive Tensioning design system enables every wearer to achieve a customized fit over the foot and ankle.
•    A soft and padded portion fits over the Achilles tendon area at the back of the ankle to prevent chafing or uncomfortable pressure.
•    The bottom portion of the brace is entirely seamless, so the wearer will not form blisters or experience chafing with long term use.
•    The black coloring of this wrap makes it easy to maintain, without showing any sign of sweat stains or wear. It can even be worn discreetly with dress socks when someone needs extra support during a working day.
•    After putting this brace on for the first time, a wearer can easily adjust it to the right specifications in just a couple moments’ time whenever it is needed.
•    The soft construction of the support makes it easy to stow in a gym bag or even a ladies’ handbag, ready to be pulled out at a moment’s notice when the wearer needs extra support.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the Product

The lacing system on this support can take a couple minutes to put on in the morning, or before an athletic event. Compared to a slip on elasticized model or a Velcro closure, that takes a few seconds longer, but aficionados are more than willing to trade a minute of their day for the customized comfort of a perfect fit.

Some user reviews have indicated that the brace may not be as comfortable to wear over bare feet as it is with shoes and socks, as it was designed to be used. With a sock underneath to provide cushioning and prevent chafing, and a shoe over the brace to provide structural support, this device is comfortable enough to wear all day long, every day.


This ankle brace can be worn on either foot, and provides flexible and ongoing support for any injured or weak ankle during athletic activities or simply through the course of a regular day.