Preparing To Use The TENS 7000

Becoming the proud owner of a brand new TENS 7000 device may have you feeling like a child on Christmas morning. However, this pain management unit is by no means a toy. You need to be well aware of all the proper preparations when the time comes to use it for the first time. The very first thing you have to do is read the instruction manual in its entirety, before you even touch the TENS 7000. These are a few of the indications that you may be able to recognize from reading the manual.
Start with the batteries. Insert a new 9 volt alkaline battery in the battery compartment. A 9v battery is included in your TENS 7000 package. The battery compartment is the casing in the back of the device. Install the battery in such a manner that the positive and negative symbols at its ends match the corresponding signs in the battery compartment. This may sound redundant, but you would be surprised at how many people complain about malfunctioning until they find out that they wrongly inserted the battery. 
The next step is to connect the unit; more specifically, connecting the electrodes to the lead wires. The lead wire connector should be inserted into the standard 0.08 inch female electrode connector. No pin bare metal should ever be exposed. The electrodes should have a measure of area longer than 16 cm2, and should be legally marketed in the United States under the 510(k) procedure as well. Once the electrodes are connected to the lead wires, you can connect the lead wires to the TENS 7000 unit. The device must be absolutely turned off. Insert the angled ‘L’ plug into the receptacle on top of the unit (hold the lead wire connector by the insulated portion). 
The TENS 7000 unit features two output channels governed by the amplitude control knobs on the top of the device. You can use a single channel with one pair of wires, or cover two areas simultaneously with two channels and two pairs of wires. Now that the TENS 7000’s is fully connected, you can move on to applying the electrodes on the areas of your body that your doctor has indicated, and according to electrodes labeling instructions. Scrupulously clean and dry the application site and firmly and evenly attach the electrodes, making good contact between skin and electrodes.