[Product Review] Quattro II Clinical Electrotherapy Unit

This four-channel electrotherapy unit is controlled by a microprocessor. It has the capability of providing several waveforms that makes it a very versatile unit. The Quatro II can provide IF 4-Pole, IF 2-Pole, EMS, TENS and Russian waveform. Its manufactures boast of a very easy to use design and enhanced operating system. This machine also features the possibility of several amplitude modulation options. Also, this unit also comes with pre-modulated and inferential modes that can be selected, each mode comes with a frequency modulation and a static frequency option. 

Quattro II Product Features:
  • This unit comes with a quite large and easy to read LCD display. It features an exact dial performance and a programmable timer. 
  • Another of its features is the user-defined memory positions, making it easy for the user to keep their preferred settings in place and easy to access. 
  • A total of 50 different presets in total, raging in 10 presets per waveform a large variety to try.
  • Easy design makes this unit easy to operate and handle, can be placed on tables, therapy carts and even easily carried to other locations. 

What buyers like about the Quattro II 
The weight and dimensions of the Quattro II Clinical Electrotherapy Unit makes it attractive for people who like to keep mobile. Therapists who have bought this machine have expressed that they have ben please that this machine is easy to carry and has let them take it to their patients and do house calls.  They have also mentioned the following:
  • The range of preset modes and the ease to cycle among them is a clear advantage to try different modes and adjust it to what the patient might need.
  • The possibility to create custom modes and save them.
  • The very easy to read display 
What buyers don’t like about the Quattro II 
Ironically, one of the main features and reasons listed above on why customer like about the product, is the main concern voices by some users. The large amount of presets and modulation options, as some users still has a problem operating the machine. While at first the machine might appear to be a bit intimidating, when being used the user will realize the ease within minutes. 
Considering the fact that some users might not feel initially comfortable with the machine, it will require for them to try it to realize how simple it is to operate. The wide range of options might appear as too many by some, but this machine is design for multiple uses, ideal for caregivers and therapists, patients looking for a solution for chronic pain would be better off purchasing a TENS unit

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