Putting your pain on wax: Para-Bath Product Review

paraffin bath

When approaching this review, we understand that some of our customers are still on the fence about the use of Hot and Cold Therapy for the use of pain management, we are taking on one of the different methods Hot therapy is being popularly used. Paraffin Baths are slowly becoming an interesting and almost radical way to mitigate and relieve pain and stiffness. We at Discount Medical Supplies wanted to gather a proper product review of the Para-Bath Paraffin Bath for you, gathering for our tests and the feedback provided by customers who have purchased this item.


The Para-Bath provides a soothing, moist heat to warm joints, tissues and skin. By dipping your foot, hand or elbow on the bath a smooth paraffin layer or “glove” will form on your skin acting as a heat reservoir. The heat that comes from the hot paraffin wax helps by stimulating blood flow that aids healing. Paraffin baths have been proven to be ideal for treating pain from arthritis, strains and joint stiffness. Another use that the Para-Bath has is to help users increase their range of motion, aiding rehabilitation.

What customers like about this product

Gathering positive feedback for the Para-Bath was a very easy task. The very first thing that most of our customers have pointed out is that this machine is safe. When people not familiar with this type of therapy, when told that it’s the application of hot waxed on their skin might be a bit startled by the notion, but a paraffin bath is perfectly safe. Also the relief that patients feel when using it is worth noting. It is sturdy and the temperature is perfectly safe to keep on a therapy room.

What customers don’t like about this product

This machine is durable and reliable, but quality of life for this device is closely related with the maintenance this machine has. It is advisable that the machine doesn’t get over worked and that it gets cleaned on a regular basis that will ensure that the machine will remain functional for a long time. Also, it is of course imperative that the users of this machine to read the instructions and the user guide.


Physicians who use this therapy method have it as a valid alternative to Electrotherapy and hazardous medication. This is definitely a great purchase and a device to keep on your practice. In its kind of devices and units it really stands out as a great aid.

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