A Review of the Adult Hemi Walker

When adults that have limited mobility, and have lost dexterity on one of their arms they require special assistance in order to regain independence and the freedom to be able to move around. The Adult Hemi Walker by Invacare Supply Group is one of the most popular walkers for patients that have this special situation. Also known as side stepper or side walker, this type of walker lets patients with limited or dexterity on one of their arms to be able to not lose their mobility.  Due to the attention this device has earned recently, we present you with our hands-on review of the item.

To fully get a concept of what the Adult Hemi Walker is, you could say that is the mix between a cane and a walker. It is much lighter than a regular walker, and it is much more stable than a cane. The design of this walker was to be easily handled with just one arm; also it is meant to be light but resistant also. It is built with four legs; each has their own individual slip-resistant tips. When maneuvering this walker we noticed how light it felt but when placed on the ground this walker provides excellent support and safety for the user. Since it has a wide base, in comparison, the Adult Hemi Walker provides with much more stability than a quad cane.

Among the benefits that the Adult Hemi Walker has, is that it also provides support at different moments of the day. Its handgrips are placed in a two level setting in order to help the user go from a standing to a seating position and vice versa, maximizing their independence and ability to carryout normal daily activities.

We reiterate that this walker was specifically designed for people that have limited or no dexterity in one hand, for example people that suffered from a stroke, use this walker. If a patient with limited mobility has the capability of using both arms we highly recommend using a regular walker or rollator to be able to use both hands for added stability.

The Adult Hemi Walker, is easily folded and is compact enough to fit in any car, it is built with anodized aluminum tubes so it is light but very resistant at the same time, also it can be height adjusted by one inch increments, so patient size shouldn’t be a factor. Also, as an added feature, there is no assembly required.

We strongly recommend this walker, it is not overtly complicated, and it does formidably what it is designed to do. People with limited mobility easily get accustomed to the Hemi Walker and considering the large amount of units it sells, we can guaranteed it will get the job done.

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