Review of TRUEtrack Diabetic Meter Kit

truetrack diabetic meter

The TRUETrack diabetic monitor kit is one of the most popular and approved  Diabetic Meter Kit. Affordable and accurate, it is easy to operate with a 2-step testing, just insert sip and test. Our customers, who have purchased this item, hold it in high regard. We are taking this product to test and to see if it is the real thing, and find out why this is popular item in our online store. We gathered customer feedback from people who have purchased this item and from our personal experience using it.

Product Features

The TRUEtrack by Nipro Diagnostics features an accurate, affordable easy to use system. It has a simple, 2-step testing process that allows for the results to appear in just 10 seconds with a small, 1-micriliter blood samples. Also, TRUEtrack has a 365-test memory with date and time, and uploading capability available. It has installed a 3V battery installed; the package also includes 10 TRUEtrack Smart System Test strips and an owner’s booklet. Additionally it also has a self-testing logbook and a compact carrying case.


What Customers Like About This Product

The overall consensus of what is the main feature for this product is how simple it is to use. The 2-step testing method makes it easy for even the most technologically challenged. People in need of a Blood Glucose level reading are frequently in need to get results quickly and performing the test can be a bit of a hassle. The great advantage of this meter is how quickly you get your results and how you can store the results on the device memory. Also being fully portable you could take this meter with you where ever you go.

What customers Don’t Like About This Product

I’ll come right out and say it, I hate needles. I never liked getting injections and I didn’t like pricking my finger to draw blood. But that is something normal that, I would assume, not only happens to me. Now my phobia of needles is more of a factor against myself that the actual TRUEtrack meter. People with diabetes in need to use this type of machine are used to using it, and none of our customers have stated any complaint regarding this unit. So I guess my case against needles doesn’t quite hold up oin the long run.


In all seriousness this is a sure purchase, you can rely of this meter for peace of mind and clear readings. 

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