Reviewing the Knee Scooter Walker

Patients nursing knee and ankle injuries need to avoid putting pressure on these affected areas but still maintain mobility. In the past crutches were the way to go, but with time certain advancements have been achieved and it is now normal to see Knee Scooters being used whenever a leg injury is sustained. One of our top selling items is Roscoe Medical’s Knee Scooter Walker. Certainly, due to the great amount of interest this item has earned it is only right that we test it and review it for our customers. Here are our impressions.

The very first thing that should be pointed out as a plus for this device is the considerable amount of mobility that you immediately gain when switching from crutches to the Knee Scooter Walker. Although, many might be concerned that wheels could be less safe than crutches, it must be said that this scooter is reliable and solid. It is very well made with a safety first mentality. Very easy to use and maintaining balance is super simple. Of course, this goes with out saying that since this device is intended for people nursing a leg or foot injury, so it meant to be used on basic movements. It is conveniently sized and easy to transport.

Designed with four large wheels as well as a padded knee platform, the scooter provides independence to patients who want to remain active both indoors and outside. The scooter features a thumb lever in order to provide a quick and easy folding mechanism to users. This knee scooter also has an adjustable hand brake, 8-inch rubber wheels with sealed bearings, padded handlebar grips that offer a 120-degree turning radius and a storage basket. An offset post on the aluminum platform makes it easy for patients to quickly make left-to-right adjustments. Each scooter comes with a two-year warranty and can support weights of up to 350 pounds. The product is suitable for patients between 4'11" and 6'6" tall.

Now while it is very recommended and safe to use please be advised that assembly is required. If you are not confident assembling items like this or do not understand properly the instructions that come with the Scooter, we strongly recommend you take a moment to watch the official video that Roscoe medical has on their YouTube channel of how to properly assemble the Knee Scooter Walker (you can watch the video in question here).

We very much recommend that if you are in crutches or if you are nursing a leg injury consult with your doctor first and ask him or her about the Knee Scooter Walker. It is safe, easy to use and reliable. A purchase that you will definitely leave you satisfied.