Reviewing the Omron Fat Loss Monitor

Measuring the amount of body fat can be key for both setting a successful exercise regimen and for a physician to help diagnose patients. The Omron Fat Loss Monitor is a hand held body fat analyzer available to both professionals and the general public. This device is one of the most popular and more sought after monitors available on our store. We have gathered customer feedback and had a chance to test this machine to see if it lives to the hype.

Product Features

The Omron Fat Loss Analyzer (also known as Bodylogic Body Fat Analyzer) has the capability to measure both body-fat percentage from 4.0% to 50.0% and body-mass index from 7.0 to 90.0 BMI with a 4-level classification that makes results easy to understand. It is capable to deliver clinically proven accuracy in only 7 seconds. Makes it easy to monitor fat loss, rather than fat loss. For almost all ages (from 10 to 80), both male and female. Has an “Athlete mode” built-in so athletes might get a more accurate reading on their body type, this is helpful because regardless of the body weight, body types are all different. Very easy to use and operate.


What customers like about this product

The main feature that customers that have purchased this item have stated is that it provides accurate results and how easy it is to operate (more on that a bit later). The Omron Fat Loss Analyzer works great for both athletes and non-athletes. Also, its users praise the quickness it takes for it to come up with the results. To operate this machine is very simple, you will need to input some basic information about yourself (height, weight, age, etc.), and then you will be required to grip the electrodes and pressing the start button. A couple of seconds later you will get the results.

What customers don’t like about this product

This product is a bit polarizing and to be frank, we have some reviews of people who absolutely love this machine and are extremely pleased of how it has worked out for them. However, the negative reviews, in some few cases, have been a bit harsh on this device. The main claim in those reviews stated that the machine’s results are not accurate at all, and that the results it provides are way off. Myself, I found the machine to provide a good approximate reading. I had asked my gym to provide me with a body fat reading before testing this device and the result I got was off by only 1%. And just to be sure, I asked several people in the office to try it and the results were accurate of it fluctuated within said 1% margin.


Judging from our personal experience, we recommend this product. It is important to make sure that you read the instructions closely before using it, you will see that is very simple to operate, but just to be sure, the instructions will make it absolutely clear. 

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