Reviewing Roscoe Frog, The Nebulizer System

Among our Top Sellers in Pediatric Supplies you will be able to find a little green frog that is becoming a great companion for children who are suffering from Asthma. This little fellow is Roscoe Frog, an All-in-One Compressor and Nebulizer System made by Roscoe Medical Supplies. Frequently, loving and concerned parents are seeking this item as their choice to provide their children who have asthma and other respiratory conditions with the best and most reliable treatment. This friendly looking frog is an ideal aid when dealing with children with respiratory diseases. We took this device and tested it, to present you with an educated review.

The very first thing that we must address is the child-friendly design that this nebulizer has. It was made this way to help make the child comfortable and at-ease when receiving treatment. Helping reduce the anxiety of the child when using this device provides a greater effective treatment, therefore its design definitely is a plus. Besides its cute appearance, the Roscoe Frog Nebulizer System also has a piston compressor that has been labeled by many as “state-of-the-art”, and rightfully so. It has a capability of delivering 43-psi at maximum pressure and 16-psi operating pressure.

The overall performance the Roscoe Frog is truly remarkable and, it rightly deserves the attention and popularity it has gathered. It is reliable and effective, but it is also a device that provides the necessary treatment without altering the child’s mood or disturbing them, because besides having a friendly appearance it is also a quiet device that provides smooth treatments. It can be placed near the child’s bed, or be taken wherever you need it to be.

The Roscoe Frog nebulizer is also portable; it has a carrying handle and a very useful nebulizer parking post. It has a medication capacity of 5 ml, and it weighs 3.4lbs so it makes it easy to handle and carry around. It comes with a compressor, child mask, nebulizer, tubing, five extra filters, and angled mouthpiece and instruction manual. It is dishwasher safe and it is completely Latex free. It is for a single patient use.

Although this nebulizer is designed and made specifically for children it is strong enough as any regular nebulizer. We strongly recommend that you read the instruction manual before operating this device and should you have any questions regarding this device, please talk to your pediatrician.

The Roscoe Frog is a definitive excellent purchase for parents that are seeking the best possible treatment for their children with Asthma and other respiratory diseases. We strongly recommend this unit.