Reviewing the US 1000 3rd Edition

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In Electrotherapy, and specifically in Ultrasound therapy, the US 1000 3rd Edition stands alone as one of the most respected units in the market. This machine is able to speed up the healing process and relief local pain. But not only that, it is a very convenient device, because it is portable and lightweight, making it appealing to both physicians and patients. It is small and light enough for therapists to take for a house call and it is the best alternative for a patient to get the soothing benefits and comfort that rivals visiting a physical therapist or a chiropractor. With the growing popularity of this particular unit and method of therapy, it is only right that we dedicate this review to this machine to help you decide if its what you need.

The very first thing that we can say about this unit is that it works great to do what it’s advertised to do. What we mean specifically is that it works very efficiently to treat pain, contractures of the joints and muscle spasms. The way it achieves that is by producing a deep heat directly into the soft tissue cells of the body. The device creates sound waves that produce vibrations that can spark an increase in the temperature and thus stimulate vasodilatation (the widening of the blood vessels). These sound waves are generated through a piezoelectric crystal sound head that transfigures electrical energy into sound waves that are strong and beyond the ranges of human hearing.

The Ultrasound US 1000 3rd Edition comes with an Ultrasound wand, a hard carrying case, an Instruction Manual, one tube of Ultrasound gel (59ml) and an AC adaptor. It is very easy to use, and can works wonders in a clinical setting or right at home with the patient. The treatment duration ranges from 2 to 5 minutes depending on what the recommendations of a physical therapist and the area that is going to be treated by this unit. Since it is AC powered, you will not have to deal with battery issued like many of the Electrotherapy devices, but you will have to be near a power outlet. Also, you might want to get a extension just in case, because the cord is not very long. But besides this small issue, the Ultrasound US 1000 3rd Edition works perfectly well and is highly effective.

In conclusion, the main reason why this unit is so popular is because of how really easy it is to use. The manufacturers really strived and aimed to make this device as simple as possible, and accessible to its users. So much so that it also includes an Auto-Off feature that prevents the user from accidently over using it.

If you purchase this unit, rest assured that you are getting one of the best Ultrasound machines in the market.