Roho Air Wheelchair Cushions

The Roho Group is one of the most renowned air wheelchair cushions providers in the medical supply market today. The Roho air flotation cushion has a multitude of rows of small, interconnected rubber balloons. Air shifting balances and evenly spreads the pressure to surrounding balloons. As a result, it’s pretty much like you’re sitting on air. One of the goals of wheelchair cushions is to prevent pressure ulcers, but if you’ve already got one, the Roho cushion allows you to tie off individual balloons to decrease contact with that particular area. The outcome of that little maneuver is that you’re still able to sit down, even as the ulcer heals.
While air wheelchair cushions may require more maintenance than gel ones, but at the same time patching up a puncture or a leak is easier than repairing a gel cushion. Moreover, though a bit less stable for people who move around a lot, they are also waterproof, making them ideal for many different environments. Many Roho products are available at Discount Medical Supplies, such as the Air Lite Cushion. This item provides the exact mix of comfort and support that lends itself so well for prolonged sitting.

Furthermore, the Roho Air Lite Cushion has a contoured shape that fills all of your positioning needs, including lower extremity control, for a much longer period than a foam cushion would. And speaking of positioning, this cushion features a pre-set air flotation component that requires no adjustment. All you have to do is place the cushion in the wheelchair and sit right down on it. If that wasn’t enough, the lightweight nature of this cushion makes it easy to transport it, on and off your wheelchair.
Other features of the Roho Air Lite Cushion are full sensation, independent weight shifts, basic posture support and comfort, skin breakdown prevention (for pressure ulcer low risk patients; high risk patients should consult their doctors). In spite of what we said before about foam, we didn’t really mean anything by it. As a matter of fact, the Nexus Spirit cushion brings together the stability that comes with a contoured foam base, with the therapeutic effect of a Roho dry floatation cushion. The foam base addresses the stability limitations that we mentioned above, while a dry flotation pad protects the Ischia, sacrum and coccyx from friction. More Roho products available at Discount Medical Supplies are the High Profile seat cushion, and the low profile cushion cover.