Rolling with the Rollator with padded seat

Rolling rollator

The Rollator with padded seat is the sophisticated evolution of the walker. This product is not only much more lightweight than a conventional walker, but at the same time it is also much more durable. This item truly is an all-in-one with its padded seat and shopping basket that allow users to stop and rest whenever they need to as well as bring everything they need with them.


·         Six inch soft grip tires.

·         Wire basket for storage room.

·         Loop style brakes.

·         Straight padded backrest.

·         Seat Measurements: 14” (W) x 13 ½” (d) • Seat-to-Floor Height: 23”

·         Adjustable Handle Height: 32 ½” - 37”

·         Unit Width: 24”

·         Product Weight: 16 lb.

·         Weight Capacity: 300 lb.


The six inch soft grip tires make this product perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The Rollator with padded seat has ergonomic handles that provide easy grip and alleviate hand pressure, and which can be adjusted to suit the height of the user. Additionally, the hand brakes not only perform their duty of stopping the rollator but can actually be used to maneuver the product. A much tighter turning radius can be achieved by braking one side while turning the rollator towards that side.


The only possible thing users could have against this item is that they may be more accustomed to traditional walker and wary of changing. But if you think about it, rollators as mobility aids have been around for quite a while, more specifically since they were invented by Swedish polio sufferer Aina Wifalk in 1978. Furthermore, the rollator has become the most common type of walker in several countries in Europe. This product is perfectly safe and really, why would you want to walk when you can rollate instead.


Switching from a conventional walker to the Rollator with padded seat is the single best thing you could do in terms of mobility. This product is very easy to use and looks great too. For a mere $68.24 you could be rollating European style like so many other people are right this very moment. See you later, rollator.

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