Roscoe Medical Z600J Junior Rollator: Keeping it Rolling

600j junior rollator

One of the most popular rollators that we have available to our customers is the Roscoe Medical Z600J Junior Rollator, this item is popular among customers seeking the best possible alternative when looking for a rollator for people of a shorter height that can provide stability, performance and easy manipulation. We have decided in our customer’s best interest, to take the Z600J for the proverbial and literal spin and check if it is the real deal when it comes to rollators. Furthermore, we have also checked for the feedback provided by customers who have purchased this item and gathered what they have to say about this product.

Product Features

As a rollator, the z600J was designed to be a more active and handier alternative to a walker. This device has easy-to-engage loop style brakes. The padded seat on this rollator is at least four inches lower than the average rollator size. It makes it great for vertically challenged people or children. Also, as it should be pointed out, the height of the seat is also adjustable, as well as the handle’s height. It comes with 4 six inch non-marring black wheels. It features a seamless padded, flip-up seat, a straight padded backrest with mushroom style button release.  It is easy to operate and very stable.

What our Customers like about this product

The first thing that must be pointed out is the height; it is ideal for both children and shorter individuals who are in need of a rollators or other sorts of walking assistance. The padding is comfortable and the height adjustable capability of the handles is the most mentioned factors that this item has. Customers who have purchased the Z600J have stated that it is very easy to manipulate by short people and by children with much ease.

What our Customers Don’t Like about this product

For starters, we must stress out that this rollator is designed for shorter people to use them. These rollators have a weight capacity of 250lbs, and the manufacturers recommend that users should take that into consideration when making the decision of purchasing this item. Also, it is recommended that you consult with your physician if a rollator is right for you.


This item is a great purchase, and highly recommended. The main factor we would like to point out in this review is how this rollator allows for the person using it, to be able to be more active and cover more surfaces than an ordinary walker.

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