Safety First With A TENS 3000 Unit

A TENS 3000 unit is a non-invasive, drug and needle-free pain management therapy. As such, it is perfectly safe and painless. The electric impulses that the machine produces are small enough to be noticed negatively, yet they are sufficient to quell musculoskeletal pain. Moreover, each unit comes with a comprehensive instruction manual to make sure that you have no way of misusing the device. However, there are a few cautions and warnings that simply can’t be stressed enough. The following is an overview of those precautions and warnings for those safety-minded users who like to leave no loose ties.

First of all, the TENS 3000 is an effective treatment for pain of a very specific nature, but you need to have established the nature of your pain before using it. Therefore, you should refrain from using it on pain which has not been properly diagnosed. There are many body parts where the TENS 3000 electrodes may be applied to provide relief, and a few where they shouldn’t be placed. Those off-limits areas include the carotid sinus in the front of the neck, and directly over the spinal column, as well as the eyes, mouth, and internally. Additionally, the electrodes should never be attached over tumors or malignancies, or over broken skin or wounds (around wounds it’s okay though). There may be rare instances where prolonged use may cause skin irritation in the area where the electrode is placed.


There are occasions in which a preexisting condition may supersede the use of the TENS 3000; heart disease and pregnancy would be two examples. Also, people who have been implanted a demand type pacemaker should proceed with extreme caution as well. Transcutaneous electrical stimulation could be said to have no side effects to speak of in and of itself, but an allergic reaction to gel is possible. The TENS 3000 unit should be turned off before the electrodes are applied or removed.

 In addition to these safety measures, the top precaution that users should keep in mind at all times is to use the TENS 3000 device under the supervision of a licensed doctor. If you have questions or doubts after thoroughly reading the literature accompanying the unit, you should put them forth to your personal physician. Finally, this may go without saying, but remember to keep your TENS 3000 machine out of the reach of children.