Shop Shower Grab Bars: Lowe’s

There are many places to shop shower grab bars, and home improvement and appliance store chain Lowe’s is one of those purveyors that you should definitely take a look at, and see how it measures up to retailers like Discount Medical Supplies. Lowe’s certainly does have a wide variety of stainless steel, chrome, nickel, bronze, wall mounted, suction, and many other types of shower grab bars. Additionally, they also offer pretty sound advice on how to install grab bars. 
For example, they recommend using a 1/4-in glass / tile drill bit instead of a standard twist drill bit, since the latter is liable to crack tiles like nobody’s business. Further advice includes avoiding mounting grab bars on an acrylic tub or shower surrounds that stand out from the drywall that’s underneath, and choosing bars with smaller diameters and textured finishes for people with poor grips.  

The location of the shower grab bars depend on the use people are going to give them. For instance, a vertical grab bar in front of the shower or tub makes it easier to enter and exit. The length of the bar may vary according to the height of the user. Installing an outside bar provides a safe alternative to unstable gripping points such as towel racks and sliding glass doors. Horizontal and diagonal bars on the inside of the shower or tub offer extra stability for standing or lowering into a shower seat. 

Shower grab bars are not only for the shower, though. A grab bar installed horizontally or diagonally near the toilet can enable the user to comfortably sit down and get up, especially when used with a chair height or raised toilet. Whether it is the shower, tub or toilet, make sure that the grab bars are installed over either studs or wall anchors. These are some of the suggestions that the good folks at Lowe’s have in store for their customers.
Remember that Discount Medical supplies also has as diversified a stock of shower grab bars as Lowe’s does, including products such as the 2-in-1 Tub or Shower Grab Ring. What’s more, there is a vast amount of information on shower grab bars and other bathroom safety products as well. In the end, the choice is yours; what’s important is that you know that you do have many options to choose from.