Soft Touch Hot Cold packs for back pain and much more


When balancing the benefits of hot and cold therapy, the Soft Touch Hot Cold Packs are here to bring the best from both worlds. When dealing with muscular related pains and aches, applying different temperatures can make a whole difference when dealing with sprains, strains, tendonitis and other similar injuries. The material is made from does not frost when after being placed on the freezer and is completely safe to microwave. It is completely non-toxic and biodegradable. Ideal for sports related injuries such as the ones experienced during this year’s FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Soft Touch Hot Cold Packs Product Features

The Soft Touch Hot Cold Packs are gentle on the skin. The insides of the packs are made with a non-toxic putty for maximum security. It doesn’t freeze and is frost-free as it can be placed directly on the skin for Cold Therapy, to alleviate pain and soothe any discomfort. For Hot therapy these packs are completely safe to place on the microwave and heat up for a couple of minutes and apply directly to the skin. The inside contents of the packs has the consistency that it will remain soft, whether its hot or cold, allowing for better coverage on the injured area, making it a superior alternative to regular ice on a bag.


What Customers Like about the Soft Touch Hot Cold Packs?

The beauty of Hot and Cold Therapy is how plain and simple they both are. Imagine the relieve of applying ice to a strained muscle, but enhance it by making the ice “flexible” and able to fully cover the injured area. The same applies to using hot therapy.

What our customers don’t like about the Soft Touch Hot Cold Packs?

Even though it helps relieve the pain, and soothe it, for some special cases a more thorough and hands on approach is required at times. Cold therapy can help deal with pain in a great way, but some pains are more constant and chronic. Electrotherapy or medicated gels by be required to be brought into the picture. Those are the most cases when our customers have voiced some concern about this product. But overall, as an inmediate help for different conditions the Hot Cold Packs work very well.


This is a sure buy, you can rest assured that when you purchase the Soft Hot Cold Packs you are getting a quality product, but if you are suffering from chronic pain and acute pain, you might want to talk to your physician and see if you might need something a bit more stronger, like a TENS unit.

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