Stationary Therapy Table Product Review

The Stationary Therapy Table by Clinical Health Services is a luxurious looking table that will provide comfort to your patients, but add certain flair to your office. It was designed to look fancy and feel comfortable for your patients. It is stationary and it comes with a manual tilt lift back. Also, it comes with a very useful shelf base. Includes a deluxe face cradle and cushion. 

Stationary Therapy Table Product Features:

The Stationary Therapy Table by Clinical Health Services has the following features.
  • Designed with a luxurious look and feel. 
  • Comfortable cushioning so your patients will feel comfortable and at ease
  • Manual Tilt Lift Back for easy adjusting and positioning. The mechanism employed is very simple to operate. 
  • Plywood shelf base, to serve as storing space if needed.
  • The back tilt can allow up to 10 different positions and can provide 75 degrees of tilt.
  • Includes a fully adjustable headrest, dual headrest outlets, a deluxe face cushioning, arm sling, and rounded corners. When assembled this table will meet all the requirements a professional will need out of a Therapy Table.

What Buyers Like About the Stationary Therapy Table
  • Customer who have bought this table have praised the design and fancy look of the table. 
  • The cushioning of the table and head rest areas are also a high point when being reviewed by customers who have bought the table. 
  • Also, one of the details that have made some customers consider this table was the inclusion of a face cradle. 
What buyers don’t like about the Stationary Therapy Table
There are very few complaints or other negative comments regarding this table. And even so, those buyers do claim that this table works fine and its ok. The main claim is that after constant use the table can be a bit creaky, but that is because of the wood is used to support the table. The other complaint is that the headrest might be a bit tricky to adjust at first, but it uses the same mechanism of a lawn chair, on which you have to pull the headrest forward to make it go down. 
Since these tables aren’t portable, of course that the people who will be very pleased with the Stationary Therapy Table by Clinical Health Services are therapists and doctors. They look great and might even be expensive-looking, but one of the main advantages is that the table might look that way but it is actually very economic and it works great on private doctor’s office.  

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