Stay Safe While You Shower with Drive Medical’s Safety Bundle

Ensuring safety for your loved ones stay safe on the bathroom, should be on top of everybody’s list when ever you are furnishing your home. If you are caring for an elderly loved one or a member with disabilities, ensuring that they have a safety bathroom environment should be a priority. Getting prepared to have everything set can be very easy with Drive Medical’s Safety Bundle. Just in time for our brand new weekly special, we gathered some feedback from our customers who purchased this item and also tested this item ourselves to see if it is worth your purchase.

Product Features

 The Safety Bundle is an All-In-One solution for your bathroom safety needs. This bundle has all the accessories that you will require to ensure a safe bathing environment, regardless if it’s a tub of a shower. It includes a Bath Bench with back support, carry bag for the bath bench, a shower spray with hose and diverter valve, and a rotating suction cup grab bar.


What our customers like about this bundle

All four items in the package are very helpful and useful to help you maintain safety. The Bath Bench is sturdy and reliable, it provides a steady seating in wet surfaces, it also is fully height-adjustable, with angled legs equipped with suction style tips for added safety and support.  The grab bar is ideal to place in the most convenient position to make it easy to get onto and off the bath bench, and since it works with a rotating suction cup that can be removed and readjusted for any position you might see more suitable for whose using the shower. Lastly, the shower spray has a diverter valve that ads convenience when bathing.

What customers don’t like about this bundle

There is pretty much and overall general consensus regarding the Drive Medical’s Safety Bundle. Pretty much, all the customers who purchased this item said they were happy with their decision. Perhaps the main argument that could be said against this product is that the items included in this bundle, are perhaps not the top of the line as others in the market. Bundled items might not be as recognized as the other individual items on the market. However, don’t let that scare you away, because if you are on a budget this is the best alternative for you it is cost effective and is of very good quality.


If you are just furnishing your home and if you are on a budget this is the best option for your bathroom safety. The cost and the items included on the bundle makes this perhaps the best option available. Highly recommended.

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