Hot Steam Packs for Hydroculator Units Review

Hot steam packs are placed over a specific body part as a pain management therapy. The packs need to be heated before they are applied for about 30 minutes to achieve a soothing and relaxing sensation. There are many types of hot packs, and several methods to heat them, too. Electrical packs are plugged into an electrical outlet. Chemical packs are heated as a result of an exothermic chemical reaction. There are even microwavable hot packs. However, these hot steam packs are to be almost exclusively stored in and heated by a machine known as a hydroculator.

A hydroculator (or hydrocollator) is a device originally developed by the Chattanooga Pharmacal Company. The hot steam packs are put in a thermostatically controlled water bath. Then they are taken out and wrapped in a towel or terry cloth. Finally, they are placed on the patient’s back or neck, or another part of the body as the case may be. Energy is better transferred through water than it is through air; with that in mind, the hydroculator allows the steam packs to reach more rapid heating. One hydroculator can contain a number of packs, which are kept at a constant temperature.


Initially, hydroculators were only found in clinics, spas, and in chiropractors’ practices. Similarly, these hot steam packs are meant to be heated in one such machine. However, the possibility exists of immersing the packs in hot water, and using them at home. Perhaps less likely, but still possible, is the notion of a particularly owned hydroculator. Either way, people should consult their doctors before going ahead and taking these hot packs into their own hands, so to speak. If your body aches, this may be the solution, but only if the potential risks are minimized first.

On a side note and in case you did happen to be in possession of a hydroculator: the inside of these units should be cleaned at least every two weeks. Check for chlorine content (there should be none, or very little; water and vinegar can be used to wipe out chlorine deposits). Add water to the tank every day, since the running machine will be constantly evaporating it. As for the steam packs themselves, be sure to discard them immediately after you notice signs of wear and tear. If you need to replace the hot packs, you know you can find them right here at the most accessible of prices.