Taking Care of your TENS 3000 Unit

Your TENS 3000 device will provide you with hours of pain relief, and it will last you a long time thanks to its durability.  In addition, you can extend its working life by taking good care of it, both while using it and while storing it. For example, making sure that it is always properly clean. This can be achieved by using a non-flammable cleaning solution, and removing stains and spots with a cleaning agent. Never immerse the unit in water or expose it in any way to large quantities of any liquid.

You should use your TENS 3000 as often as you need to, or as often as allowed by your doctor. However, if for any reason you were not to use it for an extended period, remove the batteries from their compartment, so they may not leak acid and damage the unit. Replace the unit and its accessories in its carrying box with sponge foam. Keep the box itself in a cool, dry place. One of the benefits of the TENS 3000 is the ease with which it can be transported. Just make sure to always carry it from one place to another in its box.

Whether you’re moving it between places or storing it, you should always keep it under a temperature range of -20°C to +60°C, as well as a relative humidity between 20% and 95%, and an atmospheric pressure ranging from 500 hPa and 1060 hPa. There are other technical specs to take into account, and though they may seem boring, they are essential to the safe usage of the TENS 3000 as well.

For instance, you should check your unit weekly for external damage, such as deformation of the housing and damaged or defective output sockets; for defective operating elements like legibility of inscriptions and labels, and also to make sure that all inscriptions and labels are not distorted; the Led to see that it is illuminated when the device is switched on; and the usability of accessories, including damage to the patient cable and electrodes. If the unit doesn’t work exactly as it should, see if the switch and controls are properly set (if not, adjust them correctly); check that the cable is correctly connected to the TENS 3000 (completely inserted into its socket); if the led display is not illuminated, try it with a new battery; also, change the cable if you notice any damage.