The TENS 3000 is the way to go!

The TENS 3000 is a drug-free way of mitigating pain.  Is is a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation unit.  If you have never used a tens unit before, it might sound complicated.  To put it in simple terms,  we can say it is a little device that is going to send electrical impulses down two leads wires that connect  to a couple of electrodes.  You stick the electrodes on yourself on either side of something that hurts and those electrical impulses will stop the pain signals from making it to your brain so you do not feel the pain in a matter of minutes.  Some people are able to only feel pain relief during the electrotherapy cycle others can continuously feel the pain relief hours after the session is over. 

The TENS 3000 is the little brother to the TENS 7000.  They are both the bestselling electrotherapy units at Discount Medical Supplies as they are the most popular tens units in America.  Both are backed by an American supplier that backs the warranty and the product.  Our medical supplies online store sell the genuine ones so make sure you stay away from imitations, non name brands or store names that do not possess the quality of the real ones.  You will not go wrong by purchasing the tens 3000 or the tens 7000 as they are indeed the best of their kind.

The TENS 3000 comes with a 25-30 page manual that will take you step by step on how to get started with the unit.  It will also come with a pack of electrodes that brings 4 individual cloth electrodes.  Although the cloth electrodes will do a great job, we recommend buying some silver carbon electrodes as they are much better quality and provide an overall conductivity and adhesive throughout the entire pad.  The silver carbon electrodes are highly reusable. Buying some skin prep lotion will also help, you enhance the features of the electrodes as it will keep your skin dry and will avoid their adhesive to run out so fast.

The unit also comes with a couple of lead wires that will allow you to use two or four electrodes as the device come with a dual channel feature and two electrodes will be placed on each  lead wire. It also brings a 9-volt battery, as a power source so is will also be good if you buy a rechargeable battery and a charger.

The TENS 3000 is so easy to use that in just a matter of seconds you are enjoying a wonderful pain relieve therapy.