TENS 3000 Skin Care Tips

When you use a TENS 3000 device, pain relief is more often than not experienced within a few minutes. However, it may take 20 to 30 minutes in some instances. Also, depending on the type of treatment and your doctor’s indications, application may last for an even longer time. Prolonged exposure of electrical current through electrodes attached to the skin may cause irritation. In order to preserve your skin unblemished while still enjoying the benefits of the TENS 3000, we present you with a few pieces of advice for proper skin care before and after using this unit.

The area of the skin where the electrodes are going to be placed has to be washed with mild soap and water, both prior to affixing the electrodes, and after you remove them. Carefully rinse off the soap and meticulously dry the skin. Clip excess hair with scissors if you happen to be more hirsute than the norm, but refrain from shaving the stimulation area. Wipe the area with skin preparation if your doctor has recommended you to use one, and let it dry.

A major source of skin problems is known as ‘pulling stress.’ This takes place when the adhesive patches are exceedingly stretched across the skin in the midst of application. This inconvenience can be avoided by applying the electrodes from the center outward, so as to not stretch the skin unnecessarily. You can also go ahead and tape extra lead wire lengths to the skin, forming a loop; this way there will not be too much electrode-tugging. Speaking of pulling, it is important to never remove the electrodes by pulling them against the direction of hair growth. Rubbing skin lotion over the areas where the electrodes are usually placed (while not wearing them of course) may help to avoid irritation as well.

Always remember that the electrodes should never be applied over wounds, or irritated or broken skin. Moreover, you should discard the self-adhesive electrodes once they are no longer adhering. Do not share your electrodes with any other person. Attentively read the instruction manual, especially as far as self-adhesive electrode use is concerned. If irritation were to occur even after taking all of these measures, stop using the electrodes and talk to your personal physician. Pain relief should not come at the expense of your skin’s health; this largest of your organs is as significant as your joints and muscles.