Is the TENS 7000 an Option for Labor Pains?

In general, transcutaneal electrical nerve stimulation may be included among the alternatives for reducing labor pains. Also generally speaking, the success of any approach used to relieve this type of pain will vary depending on the person, since each experience of giving birth is different. What’s a fact though is that the TENS 7000 is overall effective method to manage pain, as opposed to other techniques that might be nothing more than placebos, such as hypnosis, acupuncture and reflexology, which are at best relaxation exercises, and do little to decrease the actual pain. 
TENS therapy may be useful for low back pain during the early stages of pregnancy, as well as during the active phase of childbirth. The way that it works is that electrodes connected to a TENS 7000 are placed onto the back. The electrical impulses sent by the machine are harmless for a person and they promote the production of endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers, while at the same time lowering the pain signals sent by the spinal cord to the brain. Women who are interested in drug-free labor could benefit from this type of technology.

The most commonly medication administered during labor is epidural, a local anesthetic. Epidural is not 100% effective, and it may bring about unwanted side effects like making the legs feel heavy, a drop in blood pressure, prolonging the second stage of labor (thus opening up the possibility of an instrumental delivery), difficulty urinating, headache, temporary backache, and others. Another drug is pethidine, which is injected into the muscle of the thigh or buttock. Pethidine’s secondary effects include feeling woozy, sick and forgetful, difficulty pushing, and it can also interfere with the baby’s first feed. TENS, on the other hand, has no side effects. 
There are a few things to consider before settling for the TENS 7000 as a labor pains management method, foremost of which is to talk to a doctor to see if they can prescribe TENS as an alternative to drugs. Moreover, the person has to ponder how it may affect them and the baby, how quickly it will work, how long relief will last, and whether they will be able to breastfeed the baby after delivery. Like we said, the TENS 7000 is perfectly safe, but there may be individual circumstances to be accounted for.  

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