The TENS 7000 Patience Compliance Timer

The TENS 7000 unit is so versatile that you can even give it a use while it is turned off.  This is possible courtesy of its patience compliance timer feature. We will explain here how that mode works, which is as follows. After you have finished a therapy session and turned the device off, you can start the patient compliance timer by pressing and holding the ‘mode’ button and turning on the amplitude knob at the same time. This timer is able to memorize 60 sets of operation records; total record time being 999 hours. 
Next, push the triangle ‘increase’ button or the inverted triangle ‘decrease’ button to view the next record of treatment time, along with the number of times or previous record of treatment with the number of times. Then push and hold the ‘set’ button for three seconds to delete the on showing record. Once the on showing record has been deleted, the device will make a beeping sound. 

You should take note of the fact that the treatment time will not be recorded if it’s is less than one minute. For instance, if treatment time is 10 min and 30 secs, the patient compliance timer will only record 10 minutes, as opposed to 11. Moreover, the timer can only record up to 999 minutes per treatment. Thus, if the stimulator is used for longer than 999 minutes, the record will show 999 minutes while the record time will flash to indicate that the treatment time has gone beyond 999 minutes.
You can press the ‘mode’ button while starting the patience compliance timer to shuffle the individual treatment time record with the number of times to the record of cumulative treatment time. An ‘M’ mark will flash on the upper right corner of the middle-right screen when the cumulative treatment time record is being showed. Records will be kept by the patient compliance timer even if the battery is not charged. On the other hand, push and hold the ‘set’ or ‘mode’ and ‘set’ buttons to delete the records. This is but one of the many features that your TENS 7000 unit makes available to you in order for you to make the most of this pain management technology.