TENS 7000 Review: Is it the best Unit?

tens 7000 review

Almost unanimously regarded as the best unit in Electrotherapy, we at Discount Medical Supplies bring you our very own TENS 7000 Review! This machine is currently one of the most popular, top selling devices in the world of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) therapy. It is considered the benchmark among other units and, to be frank, regardless of what could be said all the units in the market have to measure up against this machine.

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The features

To start our TENS 7000 Review, we must first address how powerful this machine is and how simple it is to use. The two main reasons this machine is as loved as it is. It towers above its competition and it brings a complete therapy experience that leaves users satisfied and relieved from physical pain. Other features for the TENS 7000 include:

·         It features dual channel capability, both isolated.

·         The Unit comes with 5 different modes to choose from: Burst, Normal, Strength Duration 1, Strength Duration 2, and Modulation.

·         This device has fully adjustable pulse amplitude, pulse width and pulse rate.

·          This unit is fully portable, comes with a hard plastic carrying case, and it includes a 9V Battery. The device also comes with lead wires, four individual self-adhesive pre-gelled premium electrode pads.

·         The device also features a Patient Compliance Meter that stores 60 sets of operation records, with a total recorded time of 999 hours (That’s almost 42 days consecutive days).

The TENS 700 basically is the result when you take something good (TENS 3000) and change it to make it better.  This new version besides having a 9v rechargeable battery, it also includes a power chord that allows to save the battery life. Another remarkable improvement on this device was the inclusion of 4 pre-gelled premium electrode pads that are above average in performance. These pads really do have a better performance than other standard pads included in other TENS units.


In a previous TENS 7000 Review, we had asked if this device lives up to the hype and popularity, the answer is still yes. The TENS 7000 is an item that encompasses everything you might want from a TENS unit. It is effective and reliable. It is very easy to use and powerful enough to provide the most soothing sensation to discomfort and chronic pain. We advise you that you consult with your physician before using it, and follow the instructions on the booklet closely. This unit is definitely worth your purchase.