TENS 7000 To Go: 6 Steps to control Lumbago


Lumbago sounds like a name for a type of cheese… but it’s not, it actually is more common than you’d think, it is the sophisticated word used for lower back pain, a musculoskeletal disorder that affects 80% of people. There are many treatments in the market but in this article I bring you the TENS 7000 To Go: 6 steps to control Lumbago.

TENS therapy is a non-invasive form of pain treatment. Acronym for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, TENS treatments have shown successful results if applied properly and as prescribed by the health care provider. A safe electric pulse travels the wires from the portable TENS unit to the electrodes placed on the affected area blocking the “pain message" from traveling to the brain.  The TENS 7000 To Go was specifically designed to treat lower back pain and has been approved by the FDA as an over-the -counter pain treatment. No need to use medication or prescription drugs to cause the same relief the TENS 7000 To Go provides.

The TENS 7000 To Go comes with:

  • TENS 7000™ unit.
  • Conductive electrode support belt.
  • Conductive spray.
  • Lead wires.
  • Snap-on lead wires.
  • One 9-volt battery.
  • User manual.


It is very simple to use, the following is a list of 6 steps to control Lumbago:

  1. Place the 9-volt battery that comes with the unit into the device.
  2. Securely connect the lead wires to the snap wires and these to the belt.
  3. Connect the other side of the lead wires to the TENS 7000 unit in any of the two available channels.
  4. Apply the conductive spray to the electrode pads on the belt.
  5. Put on the belt around your waist making sure the electrodes are facing the affected area.
  6. Select the therapy mode you were prescribed on the TENS 7000 unit for the amount of time recommended by your practitioner.

A successful pain management depends solely on the correct placement of the electrodes in combination with intensity and time. Please consult with your practitioner to know if the TENS 7000 To Go is the right pain management tool for you.

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